Friday, May 20, 2011

36 Weeks

Only four more weeks! I'm excited to almost be done. I'm also a little nervous. I went to the doctor today and she said I'm almost dilated to a three. When I was told I was dilated to a three with Donovan, I had him two days later. I know it doesn't always work like that, but it makes you wonder. She also mentioned setting an inducement date. I said I don't think I want to be induced. That actually makes me nervous. I would prefer to go naturally. I might set one anyway at my next appointment, since she won't set one before I'm 39 weeks anyway. I'm hoping I'll go before then. I'd bet money I'm having this baby on the first anyway ;). Okay not really. That's just the date that's been in my head since I found out my due date. All the women in my family have had their babies two weeks early, so I'm hoping this one doesn't break that tradition.

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Felicia H. said...

You look wonderful! I can't wait to see your new baby and to find out his name!