Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dexter Douglas

A couple people have asked how we came up with Dexter's name. So, here it is:

Dexter Gordon is my favorite jazz musician. He played the saxophone, and recorded mostly in the 40's, 50's, and 60's. I thought it was just a cool name, too. After a while, Dallas agreed with me. Check out the song in this post if you're interested.

Douglas is Dallas' Dad's name.  

Not everyone was crazy about the name when we told them. Here is the conversation I had with my Mom when I called her right after Dexter was born:

Me:      We had the baby
Mom:   So, what did you name him?
Me:       Dexter Douglas
Mom:   (pause) .... really?
Me:       Yeah. You don't like it huh?
Mom:    It sounds like the phone book guy.


Lisa said...

i have to say, i think the name is great and i love that it means something to you. the conversation with your mom made me laugh cause i could relate so much. when dad & mom first heard about 'angus charles' they were on their mission and i could feel their dislike from thousands of miles away. after some time went on, they found all of these reasons why they loved the name and why it was perfect. we still get comments about his name but we just smile and don't care what anyone thinks. it suits him perfectly. your baby is precious. wish dallas well for me and tell her good job.

Mindy said...

Mom (and others) didn't like Cooper either. (Mom said she'd just think of James Fenimore Cooper and it would make more sense to her. ;)

Anyway, I think it's great. Donovan is not a mainstream name, and his brother fits in right with him. I can't wait to see him in real life!

Felicia H. said...

He is adorable, thanks so much for letting us come up to the hospital to see him. I hope Dallas is feeling well. Please let us know if you need anything at all!