Friday, January 14, 2011

Golfin' Trip

January first Jason and me went on a little trip to St. George. It was mainly so we could go golfing in the off season. We originally wanted to do that golf or spa thing you see advertised for Mesquite. While researching we found out that wasn't such a great deal. We also thought it would be fun to go with another couple. When we had originally talked about doing this, we didn't know any other female golfers. We found out not too long after that our friend Matt's girlfriend golfed. We got excited and started planning. We had to go while Jason was out of school, and this was the only weekend we could manage it. A.T. (my Mom's boyfriend) was kind enough to let us use his condo in St. George. It helped us out a lot. I think it was about 20 degrees below average temperature for this time. It was cold. I think the high for the day we wanted to golf was low 40's. We decided to go into Mesquite, where it was a little warmer. I don't think it reached 50 while we were golfing. I could be wrong though. My hand that wasn't gloved was pretty frozen by the end of the day.

After we had finished our first hole, this guy came up to us that worked for the course. He told us that we took 35 minutes to finish the first hole, which we didn't. They expect you to do it in 15 minutes or less. He told us not so kindly that we need to speed up and let people play through who come up on us. He also pointed out that people pay to finish there, like we didn't. It was fine that he pointed out that we needed to hurry, but he didn't need to be jerky about it. We had a pretty fun time golfing anyway. I played my best ever. It's a lot more fun when you play well. Jason got a 119 and I got a 134 for 18 holes. It was a pretty tough course. There were times you were golfing off cliffs and you couldn't see where the hole was at all. It was the toughest course I had ever golfed.

Other than golfing, we went to a movie. We saw True Grit, which I would say was just okay. We also hung out with our friends, and played games. Went out to eat of course. It was just a nice, relaxing, fun little weekend. We were glad to share it with Matt and Melanie. We're also thankful for the use of A.T.'s condo.

We were lame and didn't get very many pictures. I hope to be better at that this year.
Matt and Melanie

Snow and palm trees. Just seems weird to me.

Jason showing off his sexy belly.

Me showing off mine. Just so ya know, I'm blowing out. My baby bump isn't quite this big yet.

This hole was crazy. You had to hit over that ditch.


Mindy said...

I'm so glad you guys got to go! Looks like fun, even if it was cold. How many months along is Jason? About 11? ;)

Ammon & Nicole said...

Oh that sounds like fun! It's nice to get away!